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The Sankyo Koki Tokyo W. Komura 35 mm F2.8 for Nikon rangefinder

September 7, 2015

I acquired a W. Komura 35mm f2.8 for Nikon rangefinder mount about two years ago and tried it just recently. The lens is in excellent physical and optical condition, except for the fact that it has a small serial identity number hand engraved on the lens barrel. The lens came with the original case, finder, and rear cap.

Here are some photos of the lens mounted on my Bessa R2C, which is a modern Contax rangefinder lens mount compatible camera made in the recent past by Cosina. My Komura 35mm F2.8 was made for Nikon rangefinder mount, not Contax rangefinder, as evidenced by the tell-tale factory N engraving on the barrel.

First here is a photo of the lens on my Bessa R2C followed by images taken with the lens. The film was Agfa ISO 200 color print film professionally processed, and scanned by by Canon 8800F flatbed scanner.

I will post some more data on this lens when I update this blog over the coming holidays.


near-hemet-ca scan_0003-largesize-reduced scan_0006-smaller scan_0010-red scan_0012-red


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