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I have been using film cameras since the early 1960’s, of all sorts, and for years developed my own film (color and black and white). These days my main photographic interests tend towards collecting, using, and restoring the classic 35mm rangefinders. I enjoy collecting and using similar film SLR’s and  medium format cameras as well, but to a slightly lessor extent (one cant’ do it all!).

If I have a collecting speciality it might be said to be Japanese Leica thread mount lenses and camera bodies from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The variety and general high quality of these products is amazing, and many are rare and not well understood or documents. This variety, and sometimes obscurity, adds to their collectible nature!

Thanks for visiting! – David,

  1. Gary Hill permalink

    Hi David,
    You and I have a lot of the same interest in cameras and up until about six months ago, I was able to comment on your threads on For some reason I am unable to post new threads or even reply to others. I keep getting an error message that my replys need to be at least 10 characters, which they always are. Mypost replies are turned on and I’m not blocked for any reason I know. I have sent at least 10-12 messages to the moderators/webmaster with 0 response. I’m wondering if you have any idea as to what’s going on? I am listed as hilltime and my name is Gary Hill.
    On a second note, as to comments about your blog, I have a Tower 45 with a Nikkor 5cm/2 and with interest read about your Tower 48. There seem to be a number of variations in this time period and I always assumed most were Tower 35’s, now I see the difference of the non folding back flap.

    I also have a Kalloflex and just bought a Topcoflex Automat-L which I’m still waiting to receive. I have measured the various TLR’s I’ve purchased against the Kalloflex, as I feel it’s quality is really second to none in this type of camera. It’ll be interesting. Like your blog and I’ll be visiting more often.

    Gary Hill

  2. Brilliant, thank you for making this site. I love seeing odd-ball and unique lenses and cameras.. I’ll be adding your site to my site’s links!

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